• Friendly Bookmarklet : A Simple Yet Powerful Browser Bookmarklet that will allow you to quickly and easily collect images off the Web, Check out the demo you'll love our Bookmarklet : .
  • Browser Plugins : Does almost the same thing as the bookmarklet does but a little bit more reliably ;)
  • Collect Anything : Collect anything from anywhere, Imvges.com is about you, we don't decide what you want, Its absolutely your decision.
  • Lax Rules : Imvges is all about you, We never censor or filter content unnecessarily. We also never ban our users for silly stuffs like over following or spamming etc.. If you break rules we will.
  • No Advertisements : At Imvges.com users are the highest priority, we run the site based on what users want unlike other sites that sail on advertisers direction.

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